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Kidnap (2008) PreDvDRip - Hindi


Does committing a crime make you a criminal? Kidnap is a film that asks this question. Vikrant Raina takes one such decision in a moment of extreme rage when his 8 year old daughter is facing a life and death situation. He couldn't imagine how that one decision would affect 14 year old Kabir Sharma's life, he has then been labelled a 'criminal' .

Raina, net worth 51.7 billion dollars. The richest Indian in the world. One phone call and his world crashes down around him. His only child, his daughter Sonia has been kidnapped. The Kidnapper, known as Kabir will only negotiate with Raina. What is his agenda?... Is it simply to torture Raina or does he have a more sinister motive? Kabir does not demand a ransom; instead he wants to play a game. A twisted game. The game requires Raina to be on the run and complete a series of 'tasks'. He must follow the Kabir's every order and Raina is not a man used to taking orders. If Raina completes every task successfully his daughter lives, if he leaves even one task incomplete... And Kabir is watching his every move.... What will Raina do in the world where all his money and power mean nothing? And control has been snatched away from him. His daughter's life hangs in the balance...

It is at this point when Kabir masterminds a series of events and circumstances that force Raina to commit crimes. And then asks Raina the same question. 'Does committing a crime make you a criminal?'


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Language: Hindi

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