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How to Download ADRIVE file?

pic 1
pic 2
Trick on downloading from ADRIVE.....

  1. Simply clik on the given download link or copy the link & paste it to address bar.. press ENTER
  2. wait for 3-4 second, you will see click to start download message...or you will see blocking message (pic 1)
  3. If file not blocked then just click on the message then bang...the download will appear...enjoy the great speed!!!!!!
  4. Otherwise just click on the content blocking messege then click Downloading file (pic 2 )and do as no. 3

Recomended downloader for ADRIVE is (It won't allow other downloader)
  • Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Try to use Internet Downloading can download ADRIVE file with great speed......

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1 comment:

নাজমুল হাসান দারাশিকো said...

I wanted to download some movies from your great site. I clicked on adrive link and a new tab opened but all said:

"The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly."

I found your tips relating download from Adrive, however, i couldnot follow that. Would you please tell me how to download from adrive with update screenshot.