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Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) PreDvDRip - Hindi


The film follows the journey of Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) from the age of 17 to 30. He meets three girls at different stages of his life: Radhika (Bipasha Basu), a glamorous girl from Mumbai, Mahi (Minissha Lamba), a small-town girl from Punjab, and Gayatri (Deepika Padukone), an NRI from Australia. The film is about what he learns from life and from the three girls. In 1996, he goes off with his friends to Switzerland and meets Mahi. Mahi soon misses her train and is stranded in Switzarland without any money. Raj finds her and soothes her down. Soon, Mahi falls in love with Raj. They share a kiss after Raj reads her a poem he had written about his feelings for her. They have fun together and when Raj drops Mahi at the airport, Mahi opens the page on which Raj had written the poem, only to find it blank. Mahi breaks down in front of Raj, who leaves her crying and years later, in 2002, Raj is in Mumbai and with his girlfriend Radhika. After some time, Raj gets transfered to Sydney to work there. Radhika plans their engagement, but Raj is not really happy to get married. On the day of the wedding, Radhika goes to the wedding place and waits, but Raj never comes. Instead, he has boarded his airbus to Sydney, leaving Radhika a ring. Radhika is heartbroken and weeps in the rain. After 4 years later, in the year 2007, Raj is a succesful working man. One day, while romancing in a taxi cab with an Australian girl, whom he has a breakup with 10 seconds later, meets Gayatri, the driver of the cab. She also works in a super-market as the cashier. Raj falls in love with Gayatri. One night, he proposes her, but she refuses, saying that she does not believe in the institution of marriage. She walks away, leaving Raj in memories of Mahi and Radhika. Raj promises himself that he will go and apologise to Mahi and Radhika. He returns to India. He finds out that Mahi is married and has two sons. He apologises to Mahi and he makes her husband and herself fall in proper love, which both of them had never witnessed. Radhika, meanwhile, has become a super-star. She tells him that she will not forgive him easily, and that he has to become her assistant and work hard, only then will she be ready to forgive him. At first she still isn't ready, but she manages to forgive him. Raj is now happy that the promise he made to himself is finally fulfilled. He returns to Sydney to find that Gayatri had actually loved him a lot and missed him too. Both of them kiss and that's the end of the movie.


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Language: Hindi

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